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Welcome to MyMedex

MyMedex is a web portal in a secure cloud computing environment. It has been specially designed with you, a scientific user, in mind. This (beta) site is freely available to you and your colleagues as a benefit for your being a MedeoLinx customer.

MyMedex (beta) offers you a preview into these features:

  1. Upload public or proprietary data sets as large as 5GB each.
  2. Automatically recognize the structure of several types of scientific data sets.
  3. Access scientific data from any browser.
  4. View project details in multiple formats, including .doc, .xls, and .pdf.
  5. Easily share results with your colleagues.

Please explore the site and share with us any feedback of yours. We look forward to providing you with an ideal online experience.

Sincerely yours,

The MedeoLinx team

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